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Helping Build your Small Business

Find out how our end-to-end marketing and advertising solutions across a variety of platforms really makes a difference for your small business.


Willow Blade offers small businesses the resources to market and advertise effectively across a broad range of media.

Our Approach

Learn how we help small businesses develop and implement a marketing and advertising strategy that works.

Recent Work

Take a look at some case studies of some recent work we've done with businesses just like yours.

Let's Talk

Contact us for a free consultation. We'll be glad to discuss your marketing needs and discuss how Willow Blade can help you build your business.

Define Your Goals

We Listen to Your Goals: Helping You Achieve a Unique & Compelling Market Identity

You have a market that needs your product or service, but that can be a very large group of people. Some elements of your market are certainly better targets than others.

We assist you in identifying the targets you should be concentrating on and then develop a marketing strategy that focuses on those with the biggest need.

Express Your Values

We'll Help You Articulate Your Value

We understand that you are a small business, and that you don’t have the budget of a large corporation. We’re a small business, too.

We evaluate your business and market, then provide you with the most cost effective measures for sharing your value and message to potential customers and clients.

Forge Your Plans

We'll Build the Marketing Material to Project Your Value

Willow Blade assists you in developing your “unique selling proposition.”

We help you to honestly evaluate your product or service and address the key factors that will help you chart the best course for generating sales. Taking the time on the front side of your marketing plan saves wasted time and money on the back side.

Develop Your Strategies

We Help You Develop an Effective Marketing Campaign...Generate Leads & Increase Sales

As your partner, we help you analyze and identify your target market, develop the most effective marketing strategies, and implement a marketing plan with the best return on your investment.

Willow Blade handles the task of attracting customers, freeing you to focus upon providing them with the quality products and services that drive your success. We’ll take you through the process step-by-step.

Impact Your Growth

Impact Your Customers With a Brand Identity that is Powerful, Positive & Memorable

The ultimate goal of your branding strategy is positive brand awareness. This emotional relationship between you and your market allows you to capitalize on intriguing offers, established trust, mutual understanding, and valuable customer support. If you don’t offer unique and compelling solutions to your customer’s needs, you will never stand out from the competition. We'll make sure you stand out.